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Exactly Books focus on bringing positivity and confidence to kids in a fun, engaging and loving way.

The Exactly Books series are rhyming picture books written for children young children to help them believe in themselves and develop resilience. If we can encourage self-acceptance from a young age, building confidence can came to children as naturally as playing!

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Exactly Books is extremely proud and excited to share our first publication! A book about already having exactly the right stuff. 

It is a hardcover rhyming picture book written for babies to seven year olds with a focus on enjoying who you already are, instead of worrying about what you are not. You may be full of bravery, sadness, laughs and farts, and that is perfectly OK!

Order now to get your signed copy with a customised note to the child!



The next book in the series is currently being written. We can't wait to share it with you!


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Our Children's Street Library

The Exactly Books street library is our way to give to the community. We donate all of our second hand children's books to our home-made library, so that kids who may not be able to get books at home, can take books home whenever they please.

We also donate one copy of 'Exactly the Right Stuff' every month. 

It has been amazing watching our local community donate and the large piles of books we are given from friends and locals. 

Located in Yarraville, Melbourne, Victoria

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