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Exactly Books is extremely proud and excited to share their first publication! A book about already having exactly the right stuff. It is a hardcover picture book written for young children up to the age of seven.

The focus is on celebrating who you already are, instead of worrying about what you are not. You may be full of bravery, sadness, laughs and farts, and that is perfectly OK! The beautiful illustrations and rhyming story encourage children to embrace their incredible imaginations and themselves.

Kids smiling reading.jpeg

“If there was ever a book our kids need right now, it is this one that teaches self-acceptance, self-direction, and the value of imaginative play. It captures both the head and heart. In a society that always insists on being more, this book brings hope and relief to our kids.

Danielle de Guara, BA(Hons), MPsych, MAPS.

Psychologist & Psychotherapist


You can also purchase our books at the following retailers!

Readings Kids

Readings in Carlton is one of the most iconic book stores in Victoria, located in the hub of Carlton. We are proud to be sold on bookshelves in Readings Kids!

Savvy Kids Education

Our book is offered as a part of these specialised educational kids' products at Savvy Kids Education.

Little Bokkroom-logo-rearranged.png

The Little Bookroom

We are so excited to be on shelves in the oldest children's book shop in Australia! Located in Fitzroy North in Victoria you can find our book in this treasure of a store.

The Younger Sun Bookshop

As great supporters of local authors, The Sun Younger Bookshop in Yarraville, Victoria is selling "Exactly the Right Stuff"

Pictures & Pages

This little hidden gem, Pictures & Pages, in Coburg, Victoria has got our book in store. Go and visit the lovely ladies who are so passionate about children's literature!

Time Machine Book Shop

You can get copies of 'Exactly the Right Stuff' from the passionate book shop owners at Shop 5, Merimbula Plaza, Market Street, Merimbula NSW 2548.

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